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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web frameworks that is used for web development applications, it is a free and open-source platform that offers a robust set of tools and features that are helping to increase the speed of web development. As Laravel has a huge set of features and is very reliable at the same time that’s why it is considered the best starting point for all types of applications. One of the best things about Laravel is that it will keep every SQL code in different model files and, therefore the process of maintaining and monitoring the application becomes hassle-free. As in Laravel can create unique URLs that’s why you can also create different routes by keeping the same name of the existing route. It maintains the application in a very systematic and synchronized way.
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Some Important Features of Laravel:-
i. Authorization and logical technique for coding
ii. Lavavel framework is popular for its lightweight innovative templates
iii. This framework is equipped with effective ORM
iv. Pre-installed object-oriented libraries give it an extra value
v. It has a great secure migration system
vi. Its MVC architecture support helps in clear logical presentation of code
vii. Excellent way of unit-testing

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